Reading Goes Hand in Hand with Camping


According to an article published on the BBC website today, the average British household has 138 volumes on its shelves, less than half of which have been read,  “It is a kind of peacock-feather display,” says the writer and critic John Sutherland.

Well now, we all have a few volumes gathering dust on the shelves, but this fact was a little depressing to us at Wild Hare, especially since we have been busy planning our pop-up campsite at Hay Literary Festival.

Reading goes hand in hand with camping – whether it’s round the fire with a hot chocolate, under canvas with a maglite, or at the crack of dawn by the light of the sun, so we are especially excited to say we will be pitching for the first time in the town of books in May this year.

Watch this space for more information, and in the meantime, open that forgotten novel at the bottom of the pile in the living room…