Coffee and Seagulls

Breakfast for two (and a bit) on a beautiful cloudless day.  The sun is rare in this hemisphere at this time of year so needs to be cherished when it makes an appearance.  There is no better way to cherish something than with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.    eggs and salmon Scramble your eggs over a low heat with plenty of good butter, add the salmon and then trim chives on top.  Chives should always be trimmed with scissors, never cut on a board.  This keeps in all their flavour instead of leaving it on the board.e and c

A table for two on an empty beach looking over Cardigan Bay.

chairs and table

Followed by a pot of cardamom coffee, we like it sweet and strong.  Crush your cardamoms  with a teaspoon to release their flavour, allow 2 per person.

seagull coffee


Breakfast is at its best when shared with your best friends.


me eamon and petsBuster bear, we wish you had been with us too.


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