Wild Hare Tales

Stories, snapshots, recipes and write-ups of our luxury camping adventures, straight from the hare’s mouth

Wild Camping on Dartmoor

The time was right for a good fix of wilderness last week, so we packed a beautiful tent and set forth!ariel view

Where better to pitcha tent like this than Hay Tor.  Ok, not really allowed, so we found out, but wow!

The weather was spectacular and and so were the views.  It got a little cold after dark but a trip to the Ruddlestone soon warmed us up ready for a starlit night on the moors. tent at dusktent roofThere is no better way to wake up than to the pink glow from the sun rise seeping through your tent.  And to be met with this view when you zip open your door……..pink tent makes you want to do star jumps at 6am!star jump  We did learn a few things while we were up there…..you are not strictly allowed to camp on Hay Tor with a tent like ours.  Camping is only allowed if you can fit all your belongings into a ruck sack but there are tonnes of amazing camp sites up there that you can pitch a more traditional tent in if you fancy a spot of luxurious wild camping.

Win! A Weekend Family Stay with Wild Hare Events at Hay Festival 2014

lotus belle tent in the woods

WIN! A weekend in a beautiful lotus tent hosted by Wild Hare Events at Hay Literary Festival 23rd/24th May!

Prize is suitable for 2 adults + children. It includes delicious breakfasts from our friends at Rude Health and campfire dinners cooked by our award-winning chef.


To enter: email your name to bookings@wildhareevents.com, quoting ‘Hay Competition’ in the subject line.


Alternatively, check out our Facebook Page or Twitter for more ways to enter.

If you would like to book your stay with Wild Hare for Hay Festival 2014, in a luscious green field just minutes from all the action, click here for more info.

(Please note the prize does not include tickets to any event at the festival. Winner will be chosen at random on 7th May 2014. There is no cash alternative to the prize, and it is only valid for the weekend of 23rd/24th May)


Tent Designer

Since it is International women’s day, I would like to introduce a young women of incredible skill and determination who is single handedly transforming “glamping” across the globe.


Hari Seddon is a 30 year old mother of two, former textiles teacher and a tent designer.

Last autumn, I thought it would be a great idea to set up a small festival camping business using bell tents.  Whilst searching on google for lovely pictures to use, I came across these beauties.

belle at night small

I couldn’t believe how unique and different they were.  I managed to find out what they were called and that’s how I found Hari.

Hari first came up with her design in 2005.  It took her approximately 6 years from first having the idea to getting them manufactured and the first shipment arrived in the UK in 2012.

Lotus Belle tents are made form the finest heavy weight, cream coloured cotton canvas, they have giant wooden toggles and a beautiful wooden central pole.  Everything about a Lotus Belle tent is luxurious.  Owning 40 of them I can definitely vouch for the fact that Hari’s tents are incredible quality, extremely durable and a definite show stopper.


“Glamping” as people call it, is incredibly popular now, all over the globe but “glamping” tents remain limited in design.  You can get a standard bell tent, which was first designed in the 1850s and made popular by the British Cavalry in the Crimean war.  Alternatively you could camp in a yurt – traditionally dwelling places of the Scythians, a horse riding, nomadic nation who lived in Asia 3000 years ago.  There is also the option of a tipi, a traditional Native American dwelling that has also been around for several hundred years.

You can probably see where I am going with this…..I find it remarkable that no one, until Hari came along, had designed a modern day luxury tent.

Hari’s incredible Lotus Belles are now gracing the campsites across the globe and providing a contemporary tent for “glampers” world wide.

What an inspiration.

If you wish to purchase your very own Lotus Belle, you can do so from. www.lotusbelle.co.uk

Reading Goes Hand in Hand with Camping


According to an article published on the BBC website today, the average British household has 138 volumes on its shelves, less than half of which have been read,  “It is a kind of peacock-feather display,” says the writer and critic John Sutherland.

Well now, we all have a few volumes gathering dust on the shelves, but this fact was a little depressing to us at Wild Hare, especially since we have been busy planning our pop-up campsite at Hay Literary Festival.

Reading goes hand in hand with camping – whether it’s round the fire with a hot chocolate, under canvas with a maglite, or at the crack of dawn by the light of the sun, so we are especially excited to say we will be pitching for the first time in the town of books in May this year.

Watch this space for more information, and in the meantime, open that forgotten novel at the bottom of the pile in the living room…


Epicurean Escapes


Wild Hare Events are extremely excited to announce a series of ‘Epicurean Escapes’ – glamping retreats in exquisite locations, hosted by  companies known for producing exceptionally good food.


Guests can expect a beautiful Wild Hare Belle Tent to stay in, complete with all our trademark luxuries,  a feast of exceptionally good food cooked by chef Eamon Fullalove, and plenty of foodie treats, from attending local gastronomic festivals, to exploring a dairy and salt cote,  and  trying their hand at smoking their own ingredients.



Most events will be taking place in late summer/ Autumn 2014, and more info will be available very shortly…

A Woodland Walk


New year’s day this year was a bright and  beautiful one in the Lake District.


Wild Hare’s Jess visited the ‘Clockwork Forest’ – an amazing trail where you can ‘wind-up’ several trees, which then play music together. A surreal but beautiful experience.


Quite apart from the music, the woods were stunning, and a lovely way to welcome in the new year.


And what better way to finish a winter walk than with a hot, sweet milk chocolate?


Piping Hot Campfire Mussels

For our very first recipe blog post, we thought we’d start with something that’s easy to cook on the fire outside with friends, and deliciously hot and savoury to devour when the weather is on the cold side.raw2Start with:

one large onion
one large leek
two cloves of garlic
one bunch of parsley
a handful of mussels per person
one bottle of cider (we used Ty Gwyn)
a generous pinch of Celery Halen Mon

raw1First, chop the vegetables and garlic as thin as you can. Add the celery salt. De-beard the mussels and discard any that are open.

Take a large saucepan and leave to heat up on the campfire – you want it sizzling.


Put all the dry ingredients in the same bowl, so you can pour them all in at once when the pan is hot enough.

Tip the mussels and vegetables into the pan, and pour the cider in. Cover with a lid.

When the mussels are open, they are ready to eat. Serve with the chopped parsley and fresh crusty bread. Best enjoyed outside with friends.


A Warm Winter’s Night

Now don’t get us wrong, we love camping in the summer – blue skies, bright bunting, sunshine (sometimes) and green, sweet-smelling grass, but being outside in the winter is something else altogether.


Harsher, yes, but somehow more beautiful too, and our freshly whipped meringues of  tents look simply stunning against solemn winter skies.

With this in mind, at the end of last year, we decided to take advantage of an unusually clear December, pitch a Wild Hare Belle in a wild Anglesey forest, and cook up something flame-licked and delicious.

4We enjoyed steamed mussels (recipe to follow on the blog shortly) and then toasted marshmallows (little Petal took to carrying one of hers around in her hands and kissing it every so often)


and stayed outside the tent until well after dusk.


Stories around the campfire carried on long after the packet of marshmallows was empty.


And then it was time for bed.