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Wild Camping on Dartmoor

The time was right for a good fix of wilderness last week, so we packed a beautiful tent and set forth!ariel view

Where better to pitcha tent like this than Hay Tor.  Ok, not really allowed, so we found out, but wow!

The weather was spectacular and and so were the views.  It got a little cold after dark but a trip to the Ruddlestone soon warmed us up ready for a starlit night on the moors. tent at dusktent roofThere is no better way to wake up than to the pink glow from the sun rise seeping through your tent.  And to be met with this view when you zip open your door…… tent makes you want to do star jumps at 6am!star jump  We did learn a few things while we were up there… are not strictly allowed to camp on Hay Tor with a tent like ours.  Camping is only allowed if you can fit all your belongings into a ruck sack but there are tonnes of amazing camp sites up there that you can pitch a more traditional tent in if you fancy a spot of luxurious wild camping.