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Granola in the garden and a Beetroot Bike Ride: Wild Dining in France

 photo 1    

We rose to glorious sunshine and blues skies and were lucky enough to enjoy this weather all week long. To make the most of the beautiful morning, we ate breakfast in the garden and soaked up some rays with a good book.


I prepared a refreshing and simple breakfast of sliced orange and apple with natural yoghurt and Rude Health The Ultimate Granola. This indulgently healthy granola is multigrain and blended with honey and date syrup for a subtly sweet flavour. This sets off the crunchy roasted almonds, hazelnuts and puffed amaranth for an irresistible granola like no other.

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Later on, we spent the afternoon exploring the countryside by bike.

photo 4

We stopped by a lake for a rest and to fuel up on Rude Health The Beetroot bars. These fudgy textured bars are blended with dates, almonds and beetroot and are great as a mid afternoon snack or pre/post workout boost.

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