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A Pacific Proposal

California coast“Have you seen any night fish?” John Maybury of Fort Bragg, California enquired, “they follow day fish”.  He was carrying what looked like a lacrosse stick and hoping to catch what we call whitebait, using a traditional Native American Indian method (the lacrosse stick).  His catch was successful and so was mine!  Moments before we had been interrupted by the intrepid fisher man, I had proposed to my girl.  She said YES! Heart in the sand

We were camping on California’s “lost coast” and I was hoping to find the perfect back drop for my proposal and I did…..we were standing on the edge of the Pacific Ocean when I asked my love to marry me.  It was as though, for a moment, the setting sun wavered and rose again , ever so slightly, over the horizon.  An unexpected few moments at the end of the day.  The whole pacific coastline was bathed in a warm glow, and so were we.


whitebait illustration (josh Sutton)

That evening we dined on “night fish”, kindly donated by the fisherman , or rather exchanged for a bottle of beer!  The engagement celebration was as delicious as the moment she said yes.


Seasoned night fish, fried in olive oil, plucked from the ocean half an hour after high tide.

Text and illustration by Josh Sutton – Guy Rope Gourmet.

Tree top treats!

treetop.tifA tree house in the Tsisikama Forest, ostrich burgers and a bottle of some loveliness from Buitenverwachting, accompanied by a cacophony of birdsong.

Here’s a recipe from Eamon our chef for ostrich burgers.

600g minced ostrich meat (or turkey if you can’t find ostrich meat in Tescos!)

250g minced pork belly

1 large brown onion, chopped super fine

1 tablespoon ketchup

1 tablespoon english mustard

1 teaspoon lea and perrins

1 handful of white breadcrumbs, soaked in four tablespoons of Halen Mon liquid smoke

(if you live in a culinary dessert and can’t get HM liquid smoke…add two rashers of smokey bacon, chopped superfine)

small bunch parsley…chopped superfine.


fry off the chopped onion with a teaspoon of olive oil. cook until the onion is soft and slightly coloured.

allow to cool and combine with all of the ingredients, mix well with a wooden spoon.

Season with salt and pepper. test by frying off a walnut sized piece…. let it cool slightly and then really chew it up, let it mix with lots of saliva in your mouth. this is the best way to test for seasoning.

then shape the burgers with very wet hands….pat them flat and put them on a plate ready to cook.

Grill, bar-b-q or fry to your liking…. serve in a good bun with lettuce, pickles, mustard….whatever you want. Burgers have to be right for the individual.

Enjoy with friends up a tree!


Epicurean Escapes


Wild Hare Events are extremely excited to announce a series of ‘Epicurean Escapes’ – glamping retreats in exquisite locations, hosted by  companies known for producing exceptionally good food.


Guests can expect a beautiful Wild Hare Belle Tent to stay in, complete with all our trademark luxuries,  a feast of exceptionally good food cooked by chef Eamon Fullalove, and plenty of foodie treats, from attending local gastronomic festivals, to exploring a dairy and salt cote,  and  trying their hand at smoking their own ingredients.



Most events will be taking place in late summer/ Autumn 2014, and more info will be available very shortly…

High Tea


High above the clouds on a tea estate in Sri Lanka, a mother and daughter enjoy a brew of the finest Ceylon leaves, accompanied by brown sugared biscuits and a spot of bird watching.


The mountains are soon swallowed by the mists rolling in as the sun sets.