A light house lunch

Light houses always seem to feel like they are on the edge of the earth.  It was a spectacular way to spend a birthday afternoon.grass lighthouseMade even more spectacular when punctuated with fresh crab sandwiches and a glass of prosecco.crab sarniesTo make the crab sandwiches, it is way nicer to bring all the ingredients and make them in situ as opposed to preparing them before.  Yes it does mean you have to carry large heavy objects like a pepper grinder but I promise it is worth it in the end.

You will need a bunch of flat leaf parsley (cut some of the stalk in too to give it a nice crunch)

some fresh lemons

cracked black pepper

celery seed Halen Mon sea salt (since we were on the island of Mon)

extra virgin olive oil

fresh crab – we mixed it half brown meat and half white meat

a little mayonnaise

and some cress to garnish

Mix up the crab meat with chopped parsley, salt, pepper, mayo,  and a dash of lemon. Make your sandwiches with fresh brown bread and unsalted butter.  Wash down with a nice glass of prosecco.

lighthouse montageHold the hand of the person you came with and make sure you appreciate how lucky  you are.boys cyclingAnd then cycle home through the woods.