Monthly Archives: January 2014

A Woodland Walk


New year’s day this year was a bright and  beautiful one in the Lake District.


Wild Hare’s Jess visited the ‘Clockwork Forest’ – an amazing trail where you can ‘wind-up’ several trees, which then play music together. A surreal but beautiful experience.


Quite apart from the music, the woods were stunning, and a lovely way to welcome in the new year.


And what better way to finish a winter walk than with a hot, sweet milk chocolate?


Piping Hot Campfire Mussels

For our very first recipe blog post, we thought we’d start with something that’s easy to cook on the fire outside with friends, and deliciously hot and savoury to devour when the weather is on the cold side.raw2Start with:

one large onion
one large leek
two cloves of garlic
one bunch of parsley
a handful of mussels per person
one bottle of cider (we used Ty Gwyn)
a generous pinch of Celery Halen Mon

raw1First, chop the vegetables and garlic as thin as you can. Add the celery salt. De-beard the mussels and discard any that are open.

Take a large saucepan and leave to heat up on the campfire – you want it sizzling.


Put all the dry ingredients in the same bowl, so you can pour them all in at once when the pan is hot enough.

Tip the mussels and vegetables into the pan, and pour the cider in. Cover with a lid.

When the mussels are open, they are ready to eat. Serve with the chopped parsley and fresh crusty bread. Best enjoyed outside with friends.


A Forest Fig Feast

James & Miranda had their wedding supper on their own private island, in an enchanted woodland estate in North Wales.


They dined on Parma Ham & Wild Fig Salad, followed by a castle-high stack of freshly-baked meringues, studded with the last of the summer’s  strawberries.


They drank ruby red wine, and as the sun hung low in the sky their candles flickered through the dusk.